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I have been working as a qualified midwife in the UK since 1998 and have practiced midwifery in many different types of birthing environments; at home, in midwifery led birth centres and in large labour wards obstetric units.

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Homebirth baby c 2002

My interest in breech was sparked when I worked for some years in midwifery led birthing units.  We regularly had women arriving in labour not knowing their baby was breech. Most of these breech births were very quick and straightforward, with healthy outcomes for the mums and babies. I also supported a few women who needed help to birth their babies, using manoeuvres to help the baby out. These experiences were empowering and enlightening and taught me more about breech birth than I had read or heard when training or working in obstetric units.  Over the subsequent years I have supported many women in their birth choices and facilitated a number of breech births, learning and gathering knowledge from women, births and colleagues.

I completed my PhD into the experience of vaginal breech birth in 2015 and am eternally grateful for the women, midwives and obstetricians who shared their breech experiences with me. Their generosity has enabled this research to provide a better understanding of what the experience of vaginal breech birth is and how women can be supported better. It informs my ongoing work and drives me to keep sharing and learning around birth subjects.

I am also a qualified teacher and I have taught breech skills to birth workers for over 10 years. Sessions explore the normal physiology of breech birth, identifies issues and when to help mum or baby and supports women’s choices during labour and birth including upright or all 4’s breech birth.  All sessions are interactive, respectful of individual’s experiences and aim to build confidence and reduce fear of breech birth.

I do not claim expertise only a desire to share, support and continue to learn; as health professionals we have limited knowledge and experiences of this particular birth experience.  This website has grown out of a desire to share information about breech in a way that is open and transparent, to empower women and professionals around breech choices.


Dr Jenny Davidson RM, BSc, PGcert, MA, PhD