Breech Birth Stories

Breech Birth Stories

Breech Birth Stories

Women have always shared their birth stories as a source of information, to bond together and to support each other. Stories, and now the photos and videos, show you a different perspective and information you may not get from healthcare providers.

Women’s shared knowledge is powerful and shared journeys can be helpful when facing difficult decisions about birthing. It is worth remembering that no persons journey is the same, we each have to make decisions that are right for us, but reading and listening to those who have been through similar events may be of benefit.
There are numerous breech stories shared on the internet; here are two excellent websites; one from the UK and one from USA but there are many more when you search:

Breech birth; twins!

This is a beautiful birth story of twins, the first baby being a breech. There are some lovely clear photos of an upright breech birth too.  Shared with generous permission and thanks

Daniel and Samuel | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

Breech birth with photos
*note the below contains birth photos*

Jacqui has kindly offered to share her birth story and photos.
Jacqui went into spontaneous labour at 41 weeks, having changed her maternity care provider to one where her wishes for a vaginal breech birth would be supported. Her total labour was 10 hours from start to finish, but feels she only had 6 hours of ‘proper’ labour. She had no pain relief and pushed for about 2 hours with a little help from the doctor. She attempted to birth on the birthing stool but it didn’t work for her so she birthed laying back but with space for the baby to move as it was born.

JD Breech 2JD breech 3

Baby’s bottom coming though; because the baby is being squeezed it is common for them to poo out their green sticky meconium as they are being born

Baby is making its own way out; there is no need to touch!

Breech babies, like head down babies, have to twist as they come through the birth canal and negotiate the pelvis; here you can see the baby pushing its bottom upwards as it comes round the curve of the birth canal

JD breech 4JD breech 6JD breech 7

The baby is really doing well by bringing its own legs down to be born. Breech babies are very active participants in their births and will wriggle themselves out. As the baby is pink and moving, with a fat umbilical cord full of blood we are reassured they are coping well with the birth and no help is needed at the moment.

JD Breech 8JD breech 9JD Breech 10

Here you can see the doctor assists the baby’s head to be born by pressing on the back of head to keep it flexed, chin on its chest, this helps keep the head as small a diameter as possible to be born.  This assistance is not always needed as some breech babies will be born with no assistance at all, but it can be needed when mum is in this position as the baby needs to be born upwards.

Congratulations to Jacqui and her baby and thank you for sharing!


If you have a breech story you are willing to share please contact me;

Your experiences and stories are invaluable