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Understanding usually enables you to be able to work out the best course of action when an issue or problem occurs. A lack of understanding can engender fear and panic and rote learning of a list of tasks never covers all the possible things that may occur during a birth.

Whilst I, like most health care professionals, don’t have a lot of breech birth experience what has helped me grow in confidence is the following:

  • A good grasp of the physiology; understanding how a baby and mother work to move the baby through the pelvis to be born i.e. a usual birth process
  • With this comes an understanding of what could happen to prevent or stop this process from happening i.e. when a mum or baby may need help
  • Drawing knowledge from clinical experiences; reflecting and learning from own and others clinical practice is part of evidence based practice
  • Really critiquing the research available to be able to consider its quality and relevance in practice.
  • Working as a team; women, midwives and obstetricians all bring different knowledge and skills to the table so working together pools what we know and makes it stronger


Training (2)                    Training (2)

Quality teaching is about sharing so all sessions are an opportunity to pool and grow knowledge and confidence.  In my experience, sessions work really well with midwives and obstetricians learning and sharing together; supporting women having breech births works better when there is a cohesive team approach. I promote supporting womens informed choice, active breech birthing, upright breech and good governance for safe practice. I encourage group sizes to be small – I feel groups of 12-18 work best – so sessions are really interactive, personal and hands on.

I have been teaching and sharing breech skills for over 10 years at universities, maternity units, and obstetric units at conferences, skills drills training and at independent study days both in the UK and in Europe.



Costs: to keep costs to a minimum we are currently offering breech skills workshops for COST. Get a group together and I COME TO YOU.  If you want to arrange a workshop or find out more contact

I have so far provided breech skills workshops to birth workers, midwives and student midwives at the following places:

Carshalton, Huddersfield, Leicester, Canterbury, Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Taunton, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton, Maidstone and Ellesmere Port.

with more to be confirmed!

Breech teaching Leicester 2017 Breech teaching Huddersfield Breech teaching Huddersfield 2

Previous partcipants feeback:

“[this has given me] insight into physiology, research, evidence and also experience. The mix of these teaching methods and the dynamic teaching has given me confidence to learn and be more bold when discussing with colleagues and doctors, as a women’s advocate

“Very informative – great knowledge”

“Great day, well presented, clear and varied”

“Great mix from visual, teaching and hands on – also listening to what other midwives had to say about their experiences.”

“It felt like things are beginning to change, more sessions like this to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking and promote midwifery as a profession would be great to be part of, and would help restore confidence in midwifery skills.”

“Excellent Information and great teaching and demonstration”

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